Laing Sleep & Loungewear is for all stylish women whether asleep or awake.

Designed in New Zealand by ex-Marketing and Advertising Executive, Anna Murray, Laing came about from her search for the elusive perfect sleepwear. A love of sleep, followed by lounging around (for as long as possible) in her pyjamas, meant the hunt for the perfect look was always on. As much as that search was around comfort, it was also driven from wanting sleepwear that reflected who she was; a grown up, confident woman who dress’s fashionably and with care outside the home.

Fine luxury cottons are used in many styles. The use of long staple 60’s & 80’s, meaning they wash, wear and look beautiful for longer. Pyjama sets are french-seamed for the perfect finish, piped, pleated and tailored. All the garments have been created as flattering classics to be loved for years, not a season. They are an investment in a stylish night’s sleep whether at home or travelling.

Add in sleep essentials, like sleep tees, PJ pants and cashmere and you can you can mix and match your own unique sleeping and lounging style.

After all, we spend nearly 87% of our lives indoors and and 60% of that sleeping. Let's do it in style.

  Anna Murray