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Known best for her minimalist aesthetic with a focus on closet essentials, Jamie-Lee is a Sydney-based (Wellington raised) content creator and digital marketeer, who shares daily advice and styling tools for how to get the most of our clothing, and build a wardrobe you’ll really love.

Jamie - Lee Burns x Laing


Firstly, we love your content and are delighted to see you wearing Laing. Can you tell us about how Mademoiselle started - what were the defining moments that led you to where you are now?

I spent a lot of time online from an early age. At 13, I was designing and coding websites, a passion project I continued right through my teens, to now. It was around the age of 18 (almost two decades ago now!) that I started sharing my outfits online; part of a small community of other women which has since grown exponentially. And what I loved was the ability to be able to connect with people across the world and have gone on to have some really special bonds with people I met this way. Probably the defining moment for me was when I chose to leave my secure 9 to 5 working as a publicist in the television industry to pursue working in fashion freelance. Instead of working 70 hours a week, and burning the candle at both ends, I was able to finally have a bit more work-life balance (though safe to say having two young kids has totally thrown that off-kilter for now!).

How would you describe your aesthetic and what is the key to a successful outfit for you?

Generally quite minimal and classic, with an element of comfort and ease thrown in. Marrying my desire to have a wardrobe that will still feel relevant (to me) a decade from now, with a need to be free to move around in what I’m wearing. In terms of having an outfit that just “works”, the key for me is always, always, always, texture. I tend to wear a lot of tonal outfits and this adds depth and dimension. Also, not being afraid to experiment with your styling, and appreciating the impact that a fantastic pair of shoes can have.

 Jamie-Lee Burns x Laing


You’ve created a hugely successful brand that is inspiring to us and women reading this, how do you motivate yourself every day to achieve your goals?

Finding something that you love doing is always a good starting point, but aside from that, setting smaller goals on the path to larger ones helps, as well as celebrating your wins - big and small.

And you’ve done all this while raising a family, how do you balance the two?

I wish I could say I’d found the secret to balancing the two, but it’s tough! Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learnt is when to say no, and equally when to ask for help. That said, I’m generally still sending emails at 10pm most nights so I feel grateful to have a very understanding husband, and I make sure that I’m “all in” during family time to really treasure those moments. Kids grow up too fast!

Jamie-Lee Burns x Laing


Do you have a go-to outfit or signature daily style that makes you feel most confident?

Absolutely! A loose-fitting tee or relaxed knit, with some straight leg jeans, an oversized blazer, and a low heel. Incredibly simple, but it’s an outfit formula that always works.

What are some of the most treasured pieces in your wardrobe?

There’s one item that immediately springs to mind: a pair of kitty flats from Charlotte Olympia. I took my husband - then boyfriend - on a wild goose chase through London so that I could pick up a pair I’d purchased over the phone months’ prior. They went on to be one of my most worn shoes, so much so that I completely wore them out, and he purchased me a replacement. These shoes were always so special to me and have become something I’ve treasured even more because of the thoughtfulness attached to them, along with the fact that you can no longer purchase them new.  They’re quirky, cute, and have so much personality!

Which piece are you coveting from Laing's new Autumn/Winter collection?

The Donegal Cashmere Cardigan is such a standout; I love the speckled knit, which leans into that desire to add in texture and dimension that I look for a lot these days. To me, it’s also more than just a cardigan. I love that if you reverse it, you can wear it as a boat neck knit which feels modest and is balanced by revealing a bit of skin at the back. I also think you can’t go wrong with the Ava Pant. A good pair of black trousers are the ultimate year-round piece, as well as a style that can go from desk, to dinner, to weekend all with some simple style swaps. 

Jamie-Lee Burns Laing Cashmere Cardigan

 Donegal Cashmere Cardigan online 6th of March 

>> Jamie-Lee Burns

>> Ava Pant



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