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Laing Muse | Casey Winefield, The Cane Collective

Casey Winefield's personal style is a reflection of the aesthetic she infuses in her renowned furniture label The Cane Collective - pared back, refined, classic but fun.

A by-product of luscious years living in Bali, The Cane Collective is Casey's take on timeless, considered furniture. These are pieces with a sense of fun that lighten and refresh a room with effortless style and heirloom quality. Beautifully curated, The Cane Collective is an amalgamation of furniture of all varieties, design-led objects and collectibles for the home.  

Casey approaches daily dressing with a less is more approach - her wardrobe is about sophisticated ease, fabric that moves and breathes with body for elevated comfort and can take her from day to night without much drama.

We spoke with Casey below about her journey so far, refinement through experience and creating serene spaces to love forever.


Tell us about The Cane Collective - how did the concept come to life and where's it headed? 

The Cane Collective was born when I decided to relocate back to New Zealand, after living 12 years abroad.  There is no Ikea, and a real lack of affordable options in NZ, which are so plentiful overseas. Furniture design has always had a place in my heart, especially after working for some of Australia's top European furniture suppliers.

I want to bring something back to New Zealand that is considered, conscious and accessible. It's been a journey, and a lot of lessons learnt.  I have had my training wheels on so far for New Zealand, 2022 will see a rebrand and an expansion into Australia.

TCC is a beautiful source of interior inspiration, how do you stay inspired?

I have 20 years of experience in the world of interiors and have represented so many beautiful international brands.  Seeing them develop and keeping an eye on interior designers is always a source of inspiration.  I am an avid traveller in more normal times, and most inspiration is gathered then. I had a holiday to Brisbane in June and was so inspired by the retail fit outs. Retail fit outs internationally are such a huge source of inspiration. 

How do you curate each CC collection?

I am still learning.  I tried to cover too many markets when first launching.  Now that I am known, I can afford to limit TCC to my style and be known for that.  Covid has most definitely scattered ideas and product launches, but it all makes for good practice.

It must be amazing to see each piece individually styled by your customers, what are the ah-ha moments you've taken away from these experiences?

It's so amazing seeing my furniture babies in their forever homes.  Often, I run out of puff with styling, as the items are big, and awkward to transport but seeing my product styled in Magazines is most definitely a huge high.  The biggest ah-ha moment so far is actually acknowledging I can’t do everything.

When curating a CC collection - do you use a feeling for each piece hoping to inspire? Or looks? Or experiences?

Yes, 100%.  I look to calm, and create serene, relaxing spaces. Being a visual person, I also look to inspire sophisticated spaces.

How would you describe your own personal style? What is the key to a successful outfit?

Monochromatic, I'm not great with colour.  Chic, but with a little fun.   I like classic cuts, and beautiful fabrics. I find dresses are the easiest to put on in the morning, and I'm always busy, and curating outfits is hard for me. A successful outfit - Less is more.

You have the Ravello Dress from our Resort range, what do you love about this piece?

This is totally my style, classic, sophisticated, amazing cut and the most divine breathable fabric. When you find something like this, buy it in as many colour options that you suit.  I'm generally black, white, olive and rust.

How will you be wearing/styling this piece as we head into summer? What will you be wearing it with?

This is such a great option for summer, roll the arms up, put on some Chucky shoes, in my case for height, and off you go.  Less is more, and this is exactly me.

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