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At Laing, we adore literature. We revel in the transformative power of books, transporting you to distant realms, evoking laughter and tears, while provoking introspection and expanding your intellectual horizons.

Here's what we've been reading in the last few months.

You made a fool of death with your beauty by Akwaeke Emery


"Picked it up for its title and cover and loved it for its love story" - Anna

A young woman reeling from loss and trying to heal through joy and love.



What am I doing here by Bruce Chitin
"I'm starting to dream of some travel at the end of this year, so I read this to get me in the mood!"
- Anna


First published in 1988 (just before his death), its a collection of stories and essays from a great travel writer.


Bee Sting by Paul Murray


Judgemental neighbours. Financial failure. Dysfunctional family life. Set in Ireland. 

And... absolutely hilarious.


Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano


This one is on the list to read next. 

"Looking forward to reading this historical fiction with tissues on hand"
- Anna Murray, Founder


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  • Sarah Richards
    Sarah RichardsApril 09, 2024

    If you liked the Bee Sting try The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghase – so good

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