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The founder of Together Journal, Greta Kenyon has a style that’s a study in timeless elegance with pulled-together polish. After an illustrious career in marketing, Greta was working as a photographer when her concept for Together Journal arose, a directional and niche wedding magazine and global digital platform. We spoke with Greta about lovingly disrupting the wedding industry with Together, what she finds inspiring, and embracing a subtle hint of 1970’s style in your everyday. 

Tell us about Together journal and how the concept began and came to life?  

Together Journal is a niche wedding and occasion print magazine and digital platform with a global focus. We are very contemporary and feature a broad range of lifestyle as well as wedding and occasion content. Our goal has always been to modernise weddings and encourage all kinds of couples to celebrate marriage in a way that feels unique and authentic to them, whatever that may be. We do this by showcasing all types of real weddings from all over the world. 

Although most of my career has been in marketing, I was working as a photographer when I launched Together Journal (freelance photography fitted around raising my three babies). I was shooting a mix of commercial, editorial and wedding projects at the time. I quickly noticed that the magazines and media platforms in the wedding industry were very mainstream traditional, conservative and quite dated. They were not representative of the couples and vendors I was working with or the weddings I was shooting. The more I investigated, the more I realised that the wedding industry was ready for disruption; there was a gap in the market on a global scale for something new! So even though I had no magazine or publishing experience, I took a punt and Together Journal was born. 


Together is a beautiful source of inspiration; how do you stay inspired?  

There are so many incredibly talented people in the wedding, design, beauty and fashion industries in New Zealand, Australia and further afield. My clients, contributors and the many people I come into contact with because of the magazine inspire me hugely. I love discovering new artists, textile designers, interiors designers, architects and fashion designers. I think it's important to have a broad view so I can bring new things into the wedding and occasion world. 

How would you describe your own personal style? What is the key to a successful outfit? 

I love fashion, and I love wearing New Zealand designers (we have so many good ones!). I am drawn to long dresses and skirts, wide-leg pants with nipped-in waistlines and silhouettes that are modern, feminine and often have a nod towards the 1950s or 1970s. I balance my wardrobe with earthy neutrals like cream, ecru, tan, grey and then introduce highlight colours, which for me tend to be blues and greens. The key to a successful outfit is wearing something that you love and makes YOU feel fabulous.  

Which piece are you coveting from Laing's new Spring collection?  

I have the Linen Popover Shirt in navy, and I love it! This most certainly has a nod to the 1950s in a modern way. I love navy as an alternative to black, it's softer and draws out eye colour. 

I also love the Virginia Tank in celestial blue tank. This colour is dreamy! 

How will you be wearing/styling this piece as we head into spring? What will you be wearing it with? 

The navy linen Popover Shirt is perfectly paired with jeans, for now, while it is still a bit cooler, especially white jeans for a fresh resort look. But I also know it's going to be worn a lot over swimsuits in the summer. 

What do you admire most about Laing? 

 Laing is a brand that stays true to its aesthetic, it brings in beautiful new pieces each season, but always allows for mixing with existing pieces. The natural fabrics. I am a big fan of cotton, linen, cashmere and merino. The way a garment feels makes a big impact for me. Style + comfort is the perfect formula and Laing gets that.


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