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Meet Anna Baxter, Creative Director and Founder of interior design studio and boutique The Workroom. Approaching her wardrobe in much the same way she approaches her interior projects, Anna's aesthetic is timeless, relaxed and effortless.

We spoke to Anna about her business journey so far, the beauty of the South Island and why quality is key. 


Tell us about The Workroom - how did the business begin and what's been exciting about the journey thus far?

The Workroom began in 2016. I had been living overseas working in design for a number of years after I graduated from Interior Design School. I started working for an Interior Designer here in Wanaka when I moved home, when that business came up for sale I decided to take the plunge. I purchased the business, rebranded and here we are today. The most exciting thing about the journey so far are the clients. In Wanaka we are in the midst of a property boom this has allowed us to be involved with some incredible clients and outstanding diverse projects. Its been incredibly rewarding - each day is different, and I feel very fortunate to be based in the beautiful South Island.
Anna Baxter in Womens Cashmere Sweater

How would you describe your aesthetic of The Workroom? Is it mimicked in your wardrobe?

I like to think of the aesthetic as timelessly classic and mostly neutral and this 100% this is my entire wardrobe … Beige and white!
Anna Baxter in Cashmere Sweater

How would you describe your own personal style? What is the key to a successful outfit?

Classic, neutral and practical. As an Interior Designer my days aren't always elegant … climbing ladders and on building sites a lot of the time means, what I wear has to stand the test of time.
For me, a successful outfit has to be fresh, elegant, quality materials, and fit well. I think the key is all about the cut.

Which piece are you coveting from Laing's new Autumn /Winter collection?

Loving the Chaplin Pant in biscuit, which I'm pairing with the Sam crew in Crumble. I think it would look amazing with the Sam crew in stone as well!

How will you be wearing/styling this piece as we head into the cooler months? What will you be wearing it with?

The Chaplain pant paired with a fresh long sleeve floaty blouse topped with a Sam crew is perfect for layering under wool coats here in Wanaka.

Anna Baxter in Womens Cashmere Sweater


What do you admire most about Laing as a brand?
The classic design, quality textiles and yarns. I also love the way the pieces allow you to transition between seasons too. 


Anna wears the Sam Cashmere Crew in Crumble and the Chaplin Pant in Biscuit. The shirt is her own.
Anna Baxter Laing Chaplin Womens Pants
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