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Synonymous with the warmer months, linen represents the type of effortless, everyday dressing we love. Lending a relaxed nature to the pulled-together, this luxuriously soft fibre combines holiday ease with subtle polish. Beyond this sartorial nous, the natural qualities of linen make this the ideal summertime fabric. 

Crafted from flax, linen has an incredibly hard-wearing nature. This strength means Laing linen pieces only get softer with every wear, and every wash, granting them treasure status within your wardrobe. With innate breathability, linen naturally keeps you cool on hot summer days, absorbing moisture quicker than other fabrics.

Linen Clothing

Mindful of the environment too, linen is extremely hardy, needing no extra chemicals and little irrigation. It’s truly nature’s wonder fibre, but we just love it for its natural style that seems to speak to summer like no other fabric. 


Linen T-Shirt

In true holiday style, linen is easy to care for too. A cool machine wash is ideal, with similar colours and likeminded fabrics. Avoid the drier to protect the weave and ensure longevity by drying outside, out of direct sunlight if possible. An iron will give your favourite linen shirt a lovely crispness but please be mindful to use low heat. 


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