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FIBRE WE LOVE | Featherweight Cashmere


Often reserved for luxurious layers in the cooler months, our Featherweight T-Shirt is lovingly crafted from Consinee Cashmere so fine and so meticulously spun, its silk-like hand-feel makes it a refined and elegant wardrobe staple unbound by season. 

Favoured for its luxurious texture and lightness, featherweight cashmere is gently hand-combed, before being spun with care into a yarn that is three times finer than the familiar cashmere of mid-weight Laing favourites. This fineness requires the knitting and manufacturing of the yarn to be done with care and love, a true champion of slow artisanal practice. 

 Cashmere T-Shirt

With a natural breathability, this superfine cashmere is akin to high performance activewear, its supremely soft hand-feel being subtle against the skin for year-round wearability.

Cashmere T-Shirt

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