When it was announced, we were going into Alert Level 4 your first thought was………

OK, we’re really doing this

How have you structured your days?

My husband and I are taking turns at being with the kids, we have an 8-year-old son and our daughter is nearly 5. When we both have meetings, the kids are on screens. I’m not going to lie, we have had to work very hard to make sure the kids are doing ok as well, so that has been a challenge. We have been easy on ourselves with regards to the kids and how much screen time they have had.

Get up, get dressed or lounge all day?

Make my bed and get dressed.

Favourite book/s or show you

I’ve just finished Crucial Conversations, which is about communication when the stakes are high. For anyone wanting to improve their own ability to communicate effectively as a leader, I would highly recommend this book.

For many of us, life is slowing down for the moment. What are you enjoying (or maybe uncomfortable with) about a slower pace?

So, we haven’t been able to slow down as much as I thought we would have, we have been busy re-strategising and looking at our business model. In saying that I keep moments throughout the day to stop and be still. Previously I might have filled it with tasks and I have been good at saying no and taking the intentional time.

We have been spending good quality time with the kids, playing lots of games and dress-ups, reading when I can and just being at peace with our new normal.

I do love getting out for bike rides. We have a few old Raleigh cruisers so we go out and about to refresh and relax.      

I’m staying sane and happy by……

Making sure I write a list the previous night so I can think about what is happening the next day and just doing things in groups of 3. That way, I can feel fulfilled about accomplishing something.

What’s your new morning or evening ritual?

I try to keep the first part of my day structured, so I get up at 5:30/5:45, read, take a walk, have a shower and get dressed as if I’m physically going to work so I can get into the right mindset.

How are you treating yourself or those in your bubble now?

We are eating well and not being too hard on ourselves. A little bit of baking, some treats for the kids and probably more dessert than we would normally have.

Have you taken up anything new that you did not do before or dusted off anything?

I’ve been loving being able to do a bit more reading and I would love to do a few things around the house if I get the chance.

I’m also hanging out to start my 1500-piece puzzle. I’m an absolute rager ;)

When the home was often the place to go to relax, and have a timeout, how do you now relax when the home is your place of work, schoolroom, café, gym etc.

It still is a place to relax but I’ve had to adjust my expectations. I move around quite a bit to appreciate new areas of the house and to not get too sick of other spots, or feel restricted. 

Your go-to comfort food?

I am loving anything with flavour. My favourite at the moment is Spaghetti, Parmesan and Chilli.

In these new and uncharted times, what does luxury mean to you?

Usually, when we think of luxury we think expense, but I believe that luxury is shifting to more of gratitude. For example, I think it’s a luxury and we are absolutely blessed because we live in Mt Maunganui. So, I can visit the beach daily. I do not take it for granted and am extremely grateful.

I also think it’s a luxury to live in New Zealand with the leadership decisions that have been made in the last month.

Have you learnt anything new about yourself since you went into isolation?

I am much more capable and have many more dreams than I had previously thought. I feel like this new reset. While it's difficult, is a blessing in disguise.

When this is all over the first thing I will do is…….

I think when we get to Level 3, my husband and I will be keen for some takeaways (if we can). My husband is an amazing cook, but I know we are both looking forward to getting out and having good food and hanging out with friends and family.

What are you the most grateful for?

I am most grateful for my faith. I am choosing to see this time as a gift and maximise what has been handed to me. To not fear change or uncertainty but to keep focused on what matters.

Any thoughts or messages that you want to share?

I would encourage people to keep speaking truth over themselves, to limit how much news/social media you watch and take in and focus on the good things that you can create out of this moment. Don’t think about going back to what was normal think about creating a new normal that grows you.



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