Donielle Brooke is the Founder of Designer Wardrobe, a marketplace to Buy, Sell or Rent high-end fashion. Originally starting as a passion project and Facebook group it's grown into a much bigger team and two rental stores - Auckland and Christchurch. 

Here, Donielle shares with us how she fills her days and copes with New Zealand's Level 4 Alert Lockdown.

How have you structured your days?

I wake up, have a coffee & brekkie with my partner we have been enjoying a moment together. Then I check in with the team get on top of some work and then head off for a walk. I’ve decided I enjoy walking a little later in the morning as we have fewer people out. From there I get back to work and when I feel a little cooped up I’ll do a wee task, it could be wiping down the table, giving the house a quick once over - just anything to feel fresh. I’ll then get back to work and count down dinners. My partner and I have turned our dinners into something fun and it’s a time of my day I love now!  

Get up, get dressed or lounge all day?

I am on and off. Some days I wake up and feel a little unmotivated, or venerable   

I guess and all I want to do is feel cosy, on those days I will pop on a face mask, or wee hair treatment to try and feel fresh. Other days I’ll wake up and feel like getting dressed, doing my hair and enjoying that process. 


Favourite book/s or show you have read/seen 

I’ve been reading milk & honey - my friend lent it to me for the lockdown and it’s so beautiful! My partner Blair and I have been watching Ozark and it's next level!

For many of us, life is slowing down for the moment. What are you enjoying (or may be uncomfortable with) about a slower pace?

I am enjoying it, to be honest. Last year I struggled with health issues and often I would catch myself wishing for a month or so off to just recharge & get on top of my health! I finally got my all-clear a few weeks before this and now I feel I can have that opportunity, I just need to try my best to have that opportunity as it’s hard to let go of the anxiety & worries during this hard time. 

I’m staying sane and happy by……

Working, self-care moments, setting myself tasks every day to achieve around the house, cleaning & clearing out my items - it’s the best feeling ever! I also have been talking to my family and friends every day! My Grandma and I are having lovely daily chats too that makes me very happy. 

What’s your evening ritual?
Fresh PJs, essential oils all over my pillow and lots of Zen time. When I am unable to sleep I listen to Breathe. 

How are you treating yourself or those in your bubble now?

With lots of kindness and understanding that everyone is feeling and being affected by this in their own way. We are in this together.


Have you taken up anything new that you did not do before or dusted off anything?

I haven’t yet as I’ve been trying to self-care and recharge during this time - but I am going to be doing lots of home workouts, yoga & meditation. 

When the home was often the place to go to relax, and have timeout, how do you now relax when the home is your place of work, schoolroom, café, gym etc.

We keep our bedroom our place of rest. We work out outside, we have our places for each meaning and that’s how it works. 

Your go-to comfort food? 


In these new and uncharted times, what does luxury mean to you?

Luxury means peace. 

Have you learnt anything new about yourself since you went into isolation?

I have learnt I am stronger than I thought. 

When this is all over the first thing I will do is…….

See my family and give them the biggest hugs!! I work with my Mum, the longest I’ve been apart from my family is 6 weeks and so this is actually so long without seeing them - I can’t wait!!

What are you the most grateful for?

I am SO grateful my loved ones are not infected. I am grateful for our incredible country dealing with this in the most amazing way, our wonderful leader Jacinda Ardern 

Any thoughts or messages that you want to share?

Stay safe, keep strong - wishing everyone good health & peace in this time.

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