Greta Kenyon is the Editor and Art Director of Together Journal, and mother of three. Together Journal is a wedding & lifestyle magazine celebrating creative real weddings & featuring articles on food, fashion, beauty, flora, travel & design. We caught up (virtually) with Greta this week to see how she is finding this new normal and what her days in lockdown look like.

So, tell us a bit about your bubble.

My bubble consists of myself, my husband Charles and our three children Sol (12), Marlo (11) and Zelda (6).  We live in a busy, loud, loving bubble. We are trying to keep life as normal and happy as possible for the children. I feel very lucky to have a home to isolate in, to have a healthy family and to be in New Zealand. I am very aware that many people in New Zealand and across the world don’t have the basics and are struggling at the moment.  

When it was announced, we were going into Alert Level 4 your first thought was………

I had expected it. We recently launched into the United Kingdom. I was having daily contact with partners and suppliers based in London in the weeks beforehand. I could see how serious the situation was getting out there and I knew that New Zealand would need to act fast. I was relieved and very ready; I was hoping it would happen a little earlier. 

How have you structured your days?

As a business owner, it’s been intense. Every day brings a challenge that involves, pivoting, being resilient, adapting to change and dealing with all the new things that have hit that day and overnight. We operate in four global locations so there is a lot going on and it’s different for each country. 

I do try to ensure I am spending a large portion of my day innovating and planning for the future as well as fixing problems. To survive, I believe businesses need to think about their next steps and take action. We are moving in new directions based on what we think our audience and our partners will need and want in this new environment. I have been working non-stop on a virtual version of Together Journal which has just launched in the last few days. We are going to be gifting free copies of our virtual edition for launch to spread a bit of love and to brighten up lockdown:

I also have three children at home in the mix. I’m feeling guilty that I’m not spending enough time with them at the moment or in their homeschooling. But they are having fun together, making things, baking, reading, playing outside and they are happy which is the most important thing. 

Get up, get dressed or lounge all day?

I get up and get dressed. My husband and I get up together before the kids and exercise which is normally a run for one of us or a Les Mills virtual class. We are both spending more time in front of our computers and on the phone with work calls than ever so it’s important to have this active time. It also puts you in a great frame of mind for the day and is good for stress. 

Favourite book/s or show you have read/seen 

The last show I saw before lockdown with a girlfriend was the Snow White ballet, by French company Ballet Preljocaj. It was incredible and I am so glad I got to see it before lockdown. It was one of the best shows I have seen and I think about it often.

Two of the best books I have read recently are American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins and A Gentleman in Russia by Amor Towles. 

For many of us, life is slowing down for the moment. What are you enjoying (or may be uncomfortable with) about a slower pace?

I’m dreaming of a slower pace but running faster than ever at the moment. 

I’m staying sane and happy by……

Cuddling my family and going for runs. 

Making sure I am talking to people daily who lift me up. I have an amazing little group of four women who are all some of my best friends and also business owners.  Speaking to one of them every day or two keeps me motivated and sane.  We help each other out a lot with business advice and we also have a lot of laughs. 

What’s your new morning or evening ritual?

I’ve started watching Netflix in the evenings. I have never been a TV or Netflix watcher but it’s nice to have the escape at the moment. If you haven’t watched Orthodox yet I can highly recommend it! 

How are you treating yourself or those in your bubble now?

Work is intense and I’m working harder than ever but I’m happy because I’m with the people I love the most in the world and we have everything we need. 

When the home was often the place to go to relax, and have a timeout, how do you now relax when the home is your place of work, schoolroom, café, gym etc.

I have always worked from home and I think it’s important to have set zones for things. I work only in my office and photo studio at home and all other zones are work free. I also need to have a tidy office and house to be productive and happy (easier said than done with three kids now at home full time). 

Your go-to comfort food? 

Soups. I love a good vege based soup with something hearty added like beans, pearl barley or pasta. I never follow a recipe, but all start with a base of garlic and onions. Then I’ll add various herbs and spices and vegetables into the mix and go by taste and the mood I am in.   

In these new and uncharted times, what does luxury mean to you?

Having some time out by myself which for now is going for a quick run-up to the domain. 

Have you learnt anything new about yourself since you went into isolation?

I really enjoy being by myself and working by myself too. I have times when I like to call people and be social, but I also love getting my head down uninterrupted to work on something. 

When this is all over the first thing I will do is…….

Catch up with the four women mentioned earlier in person. 

What are you the most grateful for?

My family, that I have a home to isolate in and that I live in New Zealand. 

Any thoughts or messages that you want to share?

This is one of the biggest things that will happen in our lifetimes. There will be a lot of change. A mix of good and bad. Recognise that there will be many things you can’t control, go with it and concentrate on finding the opportunities and positivity in this change.




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