Sissy Saint-Marie is an in-demand stylist based in L.A. Her style has confidence and intelligence with a touch of whimsy. Like us, she believes in quality over quantity and she takes our Frank PJ's with her whenever she travels. Here she gives us some insights into her sleep style and rituals for self-care.



Morning person or night owl?

Morning person 

What do you remember about your bedtime ritual as a child?

My mom tucking me in and reading to me

What’s your bedtime ritual right now?

I do crossword puzzles until I fall asleep 

What was the last dream you can recall?

I dreamt I saw a mountain lion in front of my house and I wanted  to protect everyone by raising my arms and screaming at it but I was paralyzed with fear 

Describe your bedroom style in three words?

Soft, clean, warm 

Duvets or blankets?


What is always on your bedside table?

My eyeglasses 

If you could be a character from a book, who would you be?

Pilate from Song of Solomon 

Journal or electronic diary?

A little of each, but mostly a mental notebook 

Favourite poem/poet?


Favourite morning ritual?

Coffee in bed

Favourite way to relax after work?

Sit and do crossword puzzles while half watching something mindless and macabre like Forensic Files 

How do you treat yourself?

Long hot showers 

What does luxury mean to you?

Having as much time as possible to spend with my husband. 

 Complete this sentence: I couldn’t function without

… coffee and Eddie. 

What hashtag would you give your mornings?

During the week? #stoptheworldiwanttogetoff 

On the weekend? #caturdaynight 

Where is your happy place?

Next to my husband 

What do you wear to travel in?

When travelling by plane I wear eyeglasses, sneakers, fanny pack, loose layers, and a neck pillow. 

Next destination?

Palm Springs in November, New York in May 

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